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Ammonium Molybdate Reagent

Method A: Dissolve 45 gms. of the commercial salt or 40 gms. of pure molybdenum trioxidein a mixture of 70 ml.of concentrated ammonia solution and 140 ml. of water; when solution is complete, add it very slowly and with vigorous stirring to a mixture of 250ml.of concentrated nitric acid and 500ml.of water, and dilute to 1 litre.Allow to stand 1 to 2 days and decant and use the clear solution.
Method B: Dissolve 45 gms. of pure commercial ammonium molybdate in mixture of 40ml. concentrated ammonia solution and 60 ml. of water, add 120gms. of ammonium nitrate and dilute to a litre with water.
Note: The alkaline solution of ammonium molybdate keeps better than the nitric acid solution; there is little tendency for the separation of solid. Before using the alkaline solution, it is important that the test solution contains a slight excess of nitric acid.
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