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Starch Solution

Triturate 0.5gm. of soluble starch with a little cold water into a thin paste and add 25ml. of boiling water.Boil until a clear solution is obtained (5-mins.). This solution should be freshly prepared as required. Amore stable starch solution is obtained by adding 0.5gm. of potassium iodide and 2-3 drops of chloroform.
A more satisfactory starch solution for use as an indicator is prepared as follows:* Mix 5.0 gm.of powdered sodium starch glycollate with 1-2 ml. ethyl alcohol, add 100ml. of cold water and boil for a few minutes with stirring.This 5% stock solution is stable for many months; it is diluted to 0.1% strength when required for use.
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