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Citrate Buffer (2 M)

Citric Acid 1-Hydrate, HOC(COOH)(CH2COOH)2•H2O

• Sodium Citrate 2-Hydrate,

Causes eye burns and skin irritation. Do not get in eyes, on
skin, on clothing. Wear impervious gloves and eye
protection when using.

2 M Citrate Buffer
  1. Add approximately 600 mL of distilled water to a
    1-litre volumetric flask on a magnetic stirrer.
  2. Add and dissolve 210.14 g of citric acid 1-hydrate.
  3. Add and dissolve 294.11 g of sodium citrate
  4. Dilute to volume with distilled water.
  5. The pH of this solution is 3.92 ± 0.03 at 77°F (25°C).
    If not, adjust this solution by adding small amount of
    sodium hydroxide to raise the pH or citric acid to
    lower the pH.

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